What is Flood Re?

Whatever the reason why it is unoccupied it is necessary to insure the property in the event that something could go wrong, such as a flooding or theft.

What is Flood Re?

Here are a few basic suggestions to help you in the event of your property being affected by flooding.

What is Flood Re?

It’s fairly alarming news coming from the Supreme Courts last April.

What is Flood Re?

With the cost of precious metals and stones constantly changing it is vital that you ensure that you are adequately insured.

Best selling cars of the 80s

We take a look back at the best selling cars in the 80s.

Stay safe while cycling

The Highway Code recommends that all cyclists wear a helmet.

How to prevent vehicle theft

About 225 vehicles are stolen every day in the United Kingdom.

Avoid These 7 Common Travel Scams

As you think about planning your next holiday

The Dangers of Autopilot

1 in 7 drivers often experience episodes where they are unable to recall the last several minutes during a drive.

Smart TVs May Be Listening to Your Every Word

If you own a ‘smart’ TV, you may want to be careful about what you discuss in its presence.

New App Locks Your Phone While You Are Driving

Distraction Prevention is a new app that locks your mobile while you are driving.

The Superfoods to Eat When Travelling

To avoid spoiling your holiday, eat snacks or meals that contain superfoods.

Hackers Can Hijack Your Mobile

A knowledgeable cyber criminal may be able to remotely take over a mobile phone.

Watch Out for a New Wi-Fi Scam

Unsuspecting travellers have been the target of a new cyber scam, which hackers use to steal travellers’ personal information.

That Spare Room Could Help You Earn £7,500 Tax-free

You may be eligible to participate in the Rent-a-Room scheme.

Being Honest Can Save You Money

Nearly 1 out of 3 Britons enter incorrect details into motor insurance price comparison websites.

Keep Your Home Safe While on Holiday

Whether you will be away for only a few days or for several weeks

Stolen Bicycles Are Top Household Theft Claim

More than an estimated 376,000 bicycles are stolen each year in Britain

How Could Brexit Affect Your Finances?

On 23rd June, Britain chose to leave the EU in a historic vote.

>Declare Pre-existing Medical Conditions or Risk Invalidating Travel Cover

More than 1 in 10 Britons with pre-existing medical conditions fail to declare their conditions

5 Ways Brexit Could Affect Your Wallet

Since the pound has already taken a hit from Brexit.

1 in 10 Holidaymakers Break or Lose Their Mobile Device

taking a break from technology while on holiday is not as popular of a concept.

UK Households Have More Spare Cash in 2016

The amount of spare cash in our pockets has increased by almost 25 per cent.

Home Premiums Are Up. Here’s How to Keep Yours Low

Home insurance premiums have risen for the third consecutive quarter.

Young Drivers Distracted by Attractive Pedestrians

Today’s drivers face a number of potentially dangerous distractions that they must avoid in order to stay safe

Prepping Your Home for Winter

Adverse weather conditions can wreak havoc on homes.

Avoid These Holiday Money Mistakes

Are you interested in taking advantage of late-season holiday deals?

Britons Could Save £209 per Year by Minimising Risk

The bulk of the savings can be achieved by UK motorists.

Defend Your Finances Against Online Fraudsters

Estimates of fraud and cyber crime offences were added to the Crime Survey of England and Wales.

Avoid Car Park Crash Damage

More than half of all UK motorists suffered some sort of damage to their vehicle in a car park in 2015.

7 Tips to Spot a Flood-damaged Car

There could be hidden and costly damages.

Top Reasons Home Insurance Claims Are Rejected

The purpose of home insurance is to provide homeowners with cover for unexpected and potentially costly situations.

Think Before Giving Car Keys to Strangers

According to a recent YouGov survey, 43 per cent of motorists have left their car keys with strangers.

Protect Your Home from Winter Floods

During the 2015/16 winter, almost 17,000 homes and businesses flooded.

Are You Prepared? Fog

Fog happens when a thick cloud of tiny water droplets is suspended at or near the Earth’s surface.

Are You Prepared? Frost

Frost can be deceptively dangerous. It can form on roadways, often unannounced, with the potential to snarl traffic and send vehicles skidding out of control at the slightest brake tap or acceleration.

Are You Prepared? Heavy Snow and Icy Roads

Winter storms can range from a moderate snow over a few hours to a blizzard with blinding, wind-driven snow that lasts for several days.

Are You Prepared? Severe Gales and Winds

Gale-force winds are the most common cause of damage to property in the United Kingdom.

Find The Best Travel Deals This Spring

The weakened pound has made it increasingly expensive to go on holiday. Yet, that should not stop you from setting out on an enjoyable trip.

How To Manage Risiing Motor Insurance Rates

Motor insurance premiums have risen by an average of £110 within the last year, according to recent industry research.

5 Ways to Eat Healthier at Work

Good nutrition is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, and eating healthier can increase your productivity.

6 Tips to Keep Your Home Burglar Free

There were an estimated 686,000 domestic burglaries in the United Kingdom last year, according to the Office for National Statistics.

Rio 2016 Preview

With the Euro’s a distant memory and Brexit firmly established, we thought we’d take a look at this summers Olympic Games.

Follow These Simple Money-saving Tricks Every Time You Travel Abroad

Travelling abroad for work or holiday is already stressful without having to worry about money.

Hiring a car abroad

Hiring a car anywhere abroad should be a relatively easy and transparent process, but very often it is not and is something that can cost you dear when you get home.

Home and Dry

In the spring we often expect a downpour. But it’s best to help prevent your home being damaged by water.

How to prevent a burglary

8 Burglar Deterrents That Work and 5 That Do Not Work.

How to test drive/check a used car

It goes without saying that a car should be test driven and inspected before you purchase. This is extremely important for a used car, especially if you’re buying it privately.

Contract Works Insurance

Construction projects can be complicated undertakings, and if any problems were to arise before the project is completed, things can become difficult to resolve.

Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) Increases 1st June

On 1st June, the IPT, a tax on general insurance premiums, will increase from 10 to 12 per cent, meaning the tax has doubled in just 18 months.

An Update on Higher Health and Safety Fines After 1 Year

In February 2016, the new guidelines from the Sentencing Council came into force. These amendments dramatically increased fines for corporate manslaughter, food safety and hygiene offences, and health and safety offences.

Keep Your Pipes From Freezing

The average claim for burst pipe damage is between £6,500 and £7,500, according to the Association of British Insurers.

Letting Your Property on Airbnb? You Might Be Breaching Your Lease

Thousands of people who use Airbnb to let out their leasehold properties are potentially breaching their leases, and could be in danger of losing their homes, according to a recent ruling from the Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber), the highest property court in the land.

Live Well Work Well

5 Steps to Change Your Thoughts and Improve Your Well-being.

Managing and keeping fine art

Just by following a few simple suggestions you should protect your investments for a lifetime or more. Hopefully these basic suggestions will assist true collectors to novice collectors alike.

Making BBQs better

Barbecues are one of the great pleasures of summer, with the unmistakable aroma of hot coals and outdoor cooking always seeming to accompany the hottest days of the year.

Penalties to Double for Illegal Mobile Use by Motorists

Illegal mobile phone use by drivers is rising, according to new research that found that 31 per cent of motorists admitted to using a handheld phone behind the wheel, compared with 8 per cent in 2014.

Preparing Your Garden for Summer

Anyone from beginners to green fingers can use these garden preparation tips.

Safeguard Your Home While on Holiday

Many homeowners fail to realise that they are leaving their home at risk of being burglarised when they leave for holiday.

Snuffing Out Candle Fire Risks

Did You Know? There were 1,050 home candle fires in 2015-16, according to the Home Office.

Taking in the sun

Theft claims rise by 10% during the summer, and garden theft usually increases with thieves targeting tools and equipment from your shed, plants, garden furniture and ornaments.

Things you must do before going on holiday

Many of us will remember the classic moment in the film ‘Home Alone’, when Kevin’s mother realises that, in all the hustle and bustle of going on holiday, she’s forgotten her eight-year-old son.

Tips for maintaining a garden

Keeping your garden, even a small one, green and healthy year round can be hard work for the best of us.

5 Simple Tricks to Avoid MOT Failure

Recent government statistics suggest that half of the faults found in MOT tests can be prevented by performing simple car maintenance.

Understanding Public/Product Liability Insurance

The only way to effectively protect the assets of your business is to carry adequate insurance cover.

Winter Travel Tips to Save You Money

Although it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of planning a winter holiday, don’t forget to sort your travel money and insurance as well. Save money by being proactive and following these tips.

Tips for Managing Workplace Fatigue

Hectic schedules, stress and lack of sleep can all contribute to fatigue, which is a common and dangerous workplace hazard.

Your Selfie Could Open the Door to Criminals

While social media can be a valuable tool for entertainment and communication, it can also open the door to crime.

General Data Protection Regulation

What the GDPR Means for Your Personal Data and Social Media Accounts.

Declutter for a Safe Workspace

A cluttered, unorganised workspace isn’t just unsightly—it is also dangerous.

What to Do in the Event of an Active Shooter

Workplace violence may be a rare occurrence, but you should never underestimate the importance of being prepared in the event that your workplace is targeted by an active shooter.

How Manufacturers Can Prepare for GDPR

Unfortunately, 64 per cent of manufacturers are unaware of the new data protection rules being introduced by the GDPR, according to a YouGov survey.

Personal risk management tips

Accidents on the slopes are the most common winter sports insurance claims, according to industry research.

Certain HGVs Lose Testing Exemption Starting May 2018

Beginning on 20 May 2018, based upon their chassis, certain HGVs will have to complete roadworthiness testing.

Safeguard Your Home From Flu Germs

It’s important to protect yourself, your family and your home from flu germs, especially as the NHS gears up for the worst flu season in its history.

Safeguard your home Against Record-breaking Rainfall this Winter

Nearly 17,000 homes and businesses flooded during the winter of 2015-16 and this winter could be worse.

30 Billion Reasons to Prioritise Cyber Security at Your Company

Two-thirds of UK organisations have not provided their employees with cyber security training, according to a recent survey from professional IT solutions firm, Ultima.

Basic checks to keep your car in top shape

It is all too easy to take the modern car for granted.

Doing it yourself

Longer days, lighter evenings and a sudden urge to tend to those things that have been waiting all winter to be fixed often cause us to get the DIY bug at this time of year.

Driving abroad

Before you leave for your holiday, there are a number of things you can do to ensure that you are prepared for any eventuality.

Ensuring a Safe Home During Festive Season

According to the NHS, an average of 350 people are injured by fairy lights each year.

Health and wellness tips for your work and life

It’s important to protect yourself from flu germs, especially as the NHS gears up for what could be the worst flu season in its history.

5 Tips to Help You Quit Smoking

An estimated 19 per cent of UK adults smoke, according to Cancer Research UK. Even though it may be a challenge, it is possible to quit.

Gas Safety’s Most Dangerous Day: Christmas

Most house fires that are caused by gas happen on 25 December, according to the Gas Safe Register.

Preventing Sprains and Strains

Sprains and strains can result from lifting injuries, being hit by falling objects or even a simple misstep. Protect yourself and others from these painful injuries by always practising safety on the job.

The Hazards of Headphones

In many workplaces, it’s common for employees to listen to music while they work. While this provides workers with entertainment while they perform their job duties, the overuse of headphones may lead to hearing loss over time. Read this article to learn how to protect yourself.

The Hazards of Headphones

What you may not realise is that cups of coffee may provide you with some health benefits, according to research from the British Medical Journal.

The Hazards of Headphones

When it comes to hazard reporting, employees should be proactive instead of waiting for an inspection to take place. Read on to learn more.

The Hazards of Headphones

Underinsurance continues to be a widespread and persistent problem throughout the United Kingdom.

The Hazards of Headphones

Over the past several years, UK legislation and regulations have greatly expanded the potential number of risks that directors and officers (D&Os) may have to handle.

The Hazards of Headphones

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) updated its existing General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) consent guidance to include the new Article 29 Working Party (Art. 29 WP) clarifications.

The Hazards of Headphones

On 25 May, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force, which does not leave your organisation with too much time to comply.

The Hazards of Headphones

Beginning on 5 March, Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) traffic examiners will begin issuing on-the-spot fines to any lorry, bus or coach drivers for drivers’ hours offences committed in the last 28 days, such as exceeding daily driving limits or not taking enough breaks.

4 Easy Ways To Help Your Clients Understand GDPR

The GDPR is almost here, and boy is it scary—the fines are huge, the rules are complicated and finalised government guidance has been slow to materialise.

Using Your Mobile While Driving Could Invalidate Your Licence

It's been nearly a year since new regualtions came into force to stop drivers from using their phones. They've been effective, but are you aware of the do's and don'ts?

Put the Brakes On Demonising Diesel

2017 diesel cars emit 12% less carbon dioxide than older models, but why the stigma?

Careful! Some Of Your Favourite
Processed Foods May Cause Cancer

Find out what foods these are and then the food you should eat to keep yourself healthy.

Marketing Under The GDPR

Here's some of the Consequences you could face marketing under the GDPR

Up Against The Stress Epidemic Your Well-Being Initiatives Are Not Enough

Britain is facing it's highest levels of work related stress and their doesn't seem to be much help

Faulty Appliances Cause 60 House Fires A Week

Here's just a few tips on how to help prevent you becoming one of the 60

Why The GDPR Is An Opportunity For Motor Traders

Unlike what you may think, the GDPR may not be as much of a challenge for your motor trade business

Minding Your Gender Pay Gap

Here's how to monitor and challenge your gander pay gap, to make sure you're not missing out

Review Your Health and Safety Plan Today

Your health and safety plan may not be as safe or as healthy as you thought

Mental Well-Being is Within Reach

Stress, Depression and Anxiety are common in the office work environment, here are a few easy way to help battle these problems

Theft and Write-Off Stats Increase

Thefts and Write-Offs are on the rise, and here are the figures as to why

The Five Most Expensive Wines and How to Properly Look after it

Here are five of the most expensive wines ever sold, and how to keep your wine in the best condition

Ensure Burglars Don't Enjoy Your Summer holiday as Much as You Do

Make your holiday as stress free as possible, by following these simple steps to prevent burglars having a holiday at your expense!

The MOT test just got harder

Have a look to see what's changing and how you can plan and fix up your car accordingly.

Help With GDPR Compliance

Still struggling to get your head round GDPR? This article may be able to help.

Help your Clients keep it cool this Summer

Struggling to keep your cool this Summer? Read our latest Blog post to help you and your workforce cool down a little.

Help your Clients keep it cool this Summer

Be road aware, don't lose your license over something that you're just unaware of.

Keep car insurance costs low

Here's a few tips to help you lower your premium and save you money.

Managing blocks of flats in autumn winter

Make sure you don't fall short of preventing these hazards causing you or your tenants problems.

Attracting industry talent during the brexit skills shortage

Read our blog post to find ways to get the best out of your future employees, post Brexit.

How to recover from natural disasters

Stay safe now that flood season has started with these helpful tips.

Understanding Tenants Insurance

Make sure you're well covered by reading our latest article about tenants' insurance.

Understanding Home Insurance

Whether you're buying your first home or renewing an existing policy, read our latest blog post for some helpful tips.

Insuring Students’ Possessions at University

With you or your youngster going back to Uni, make sure you take our tips and tricks to help try to save you money.

Don't get pulled over this festive season

Whether you're driving nationally or internationally, make sure you're well prepared for the journey by reading our latest blog post.

Don't get pulled over this festive season

Here's a brief overview of some of the most important Health & Safety stats of 2018.

Choosing Public / Products liability

Here are the conditions for your business to consider taking out public / products liability insurance.

Mobile Phone use while driving

Incase you or your employees were unaware of the procedures surrounding mobile phone use behind the wheel.

Transporting Jewellery and Fine Arts

If you're moving or shipping your expensive pieces, make sure they're well protected today.

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