7 Tips to Spot
a Flood-damaged Car

The storms in 2016 that battered the United Kingdom damaged more than 6,700 cars, according to industry estimates. While some of these vehicles may appear unaffected by the flooding, there could be hidden and costly damages. Therefore, if you are considering purchasing a used car, you need to be aware of the signs of flood damage. Use these seven tips to help you spot a flood-damaged car:

1) Smell the interior of the car. While the car may have dried out, there could still be a musty, damp scent. In addition, the owner may try to mask the odour by using an abundance of air-freshener.

2) Take note of the windows. If they have significant condensation on the inside, it is likely that there is still a great deal of moisture trapped in the upholstery and carpet.

3) Remove and inspect the inside of the oil filler cap. If there is a whitish deposit, that means there is water in the engine.

4) Start the engine and turn on the windscreen heater. If the windscreen steams up quickly and/or there is a peculiar odour, it is likely that there is moisture in the system.

5) Check the airbag warning light. If the light does not go off after a few seconds, it is likely that there is a fault in the electrical system.

6) Inspect the car light clusters for trapped water. You may want to rock the car to see if you can spot any water sloshing inside.

7) Check to see which category (A, B or C) of an insurance write-off the car is listed under. If it is listed as A or B, the car is too dangerous to drive. This information should be recorded on the V5C registration document.

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