Home Emergency

AXA Home Emergency - £36

Cover Overview


We will only pay for the Emergency Repair.

We will not pay for any damage caused by the Emergency.

The Emergencies listed below are covered under this policy:


An Emergency relating to:

The internal hot and cold water pipes between the main internal stopcock and the internal taps;

The cold water storage tank;

Flushing mechanism of a toilet;

A leak from:

  • Your toilet

  • Visible pipes leading to and from the shower or bath

  • Internal section of the overflow pipe

  • Central heating water pipes

  • Drainage

    An Emergency relating to the blockage of, or damage to the waste pipes causing a blockage or a waste water leak

    The below is a list of emergencies that You would be covered for

    Blocked sinks, blocked or leaking waste pipes,

    Blocked bath, toilets or external drainage.

    You will still be covered if You do have another working toilet or bathing facility;

    Blocked or leaking soil vent pipes, provided You are solely responsible for this.

    Failure Of Internal Electrics

    Full or partial failure of Your electrics rendering Your Home uninhabitable. For example: failed wiring to immersion heaters/boilers/bathroom lights.


    Windows: Broken and cracked windows which result in the Home not being secure.

    We will undertake an Emergency Repair using boarding or similar material to resolve the immediate security risk.

    keys and locks: Gaining access to, or securing Your Home through an external door where You have no alternative due to:

  • lost or damaged keys;

  • stolen keys;

  • failure of the external locking mechanism to ther door;

  • Damage to locks on external doors or windows caused by vandalism, theft or attempted theft where You are unable to secure Your Home;

    Replacment of a single set of keys (if this is the only alternative to reslove the Emergency).


    Removal of rats, mice, wasps and hornets, where evidence of infestation in Your Home has been found

    Internal Gas Pipe

    A leak from the internal gas supply pipe in Your Home between the meter and a gas appliance. We will repair or replace the section of pipe, following the isolation of the gas supply by the National gas Emergency Service.

    If You think You have a gas leak, You should immediately call the National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999.

    Boiler and Heating System

    Complete failure or breakdown of Your primary heating/hot water system, resulting in no hot water and/or heating.

    We will also cover You for:

  • A loss of water pressure within a boiler due to a fauly;

  • A water leak from the boiler/heating system.

  • Included: Domestic gas boiler within Your Home, the output of which does not exceed 60kWh. This also includes boiler isolating valve, along with all manufacturer's fitted components within the boiler - together with the pump, motorised valves, thermostat, radiator, timer, temperature pressure controls and the primary flue.

    Boiler And Heating System - Beyond Economical Repair

    If We are unable to repair Your boiler/hot water system and You choose to not replace it, cover under this section will no longer apply.

    Temporary Heating

    If you have not heating and a part needs to be ordered following the engineer's first visit, or if We are unable to repair the boiler/heating system, You have the option to either purchase heaters up to a value of £50 inc VAT on Reimbursement Basis. These heaters are Yours to keep.


    Sudden and unforeseen roofing problems such as leaks or tiles blown off during a storm or bad weather.


    There are conditions and exlusions, listed below, which limit the type and value of Emergency Repairs you can claim for.

    Please read them carefully to ensure this cover meets Your needs. We do not wish You to discover after an Emergency under the policy.

    The following incidents are NOT covered under this policy:


    Any dripping tap/nozzle or any other part of the plumbinh or drainage system where the water is safely escaping down a drain;

    Replacing external overflows, cylinders, hot and cold water storage tanks, radiators, immersion tanks and sanitary ware including sinks and basins.

    Burst or leaing flexible hoses along with breakdown, leak or damage to domestic appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines;

    Septic tanks, swimming pools an hot tubs;

    Repair to, or replacement of, all pipe work outside the Home;

    Dealing with temporarily frozen pipes;

    Damage resulting from gainin necessary access to the Emergency or reinstatin the fabric of Your Home. Otherwise known as Trace and Access.

    Cost of trace & access to locate the soure of the Emergency.


    Repairs to drains that are the responsibility of the local water authority if outside the boundaries of the Home;

    Repairing, replacing manholes, soakaways, septic tanks (clearing or emptying), cesspits, treatment plants and their outflow pipes, guttering and downpipes;

    Removing, replacing or repairing and part of the drain which is damaged but does not result in the total blockage of the drain;

    Repairing or unblocking drains which are used for commercial purposes;

    Making access to drain systems points of entry (such as manhole covers) if these have been built over;

    Drain clearance due to installation faults of misuse of drains

    Damage resulting from gaining necessary access to the Emergency or reinstating the fabric of Your Home. Otherwise known as Trace and Access

    Cost of trace & access to locate the source of the Emergency.

    Failure Of Internal Electrics

    Failure of burglar/fire alarm systems, CCTV surveillance or swimming pools and their plumbing or filtration systems. Also shower units, replacement of light bulbs and fuses in plugs;

    Repair to, or replacement of, electrical appliances such as cookers, all electrical wiring and infrastructure outside the Home.


    Windows, keys and locks

    Fences, outbuildings and detached garages; damage to windows, doors or locks;

    Double glazing where one pane is broken but the other is intact and the Home is therefore secure.


    Pests found outside Your Home, such as in detached garages and outbuildings.

    Internal Gas Pipe

    Restoration of gas supply is not included. Please contact Your Utility Company who will be able to arrange this for You;

    Corrosion of the gas supply pipe due to natural wear and tear or methods used to conceal the pipe work, such as under a concrete floor, without adequate protection;

    Damage resulting from gaining necessary access to the Emergency or reinstating the fabric of Your Home. Otherwise known as Trace and Access.

    Boiler and Heating System

    Commercial boilers or heating systems with an output of over 60kWh;

    Descalling and any work airsing from hard water scale deposits (including power flushing) or from damage caused by hard water or sludge resulting from corrosion. Signs that work is needed may include a noisy boiler, sludged up pipes or poor circulation;

    Thermostatic valves;

    Replacement of any equipment added to the standard heating system such as a Magnaclean or similar device;

    Any costs for the repair of Your heating system which is covered by a manufacturer, supplier, installer or repairer guarantee or warranty;

    Any routine maintenance, cleaning and servicing, as well as repairs that require a power flush of Your boiler or main heating;

    Any repair or replacement of under floor heating systems, warm air units, air or ground source heat pumps.

    Boiler And Heating System - Beyond Economical Repair

    Any fault arising due to sludge/scale/rust/debris within the primary heating system or damage caused by any other chemical composition of the water e.g. if You reside in a hard water area (as per the Local Water Authority);

    Repair/replacement of convector heaters, inhibitors, water tanks, radiators, radiator valves and hot water cylinders;

    Repair to, or replacement of, gas appliances such as cookers;

    Any loss or damage resulting from a lack of proper maintenance, including that caused by or to a boiler or central heating system which has not been properly maintained in accordance with manufacturers' instructions;

    Failure of boilers or heating systems that have not been inspected or services in accordance with manufacturers'

    Boilers over 15 years of age

    Boilers that are beyond economic repair are not covered

    Repair or replacement of the flue due to wear and tear;

    Any adaptations made to the property which do not comply with the regulations applicable at the time;


    Damage to external guttering.

    Damage to roofs constructed with a flexible weather roofing membrane e.g torch on felt, trocal etc.

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