Choosing Public /
Products Liability

    Pubic liability considerations
  • The value of your premiums as well as others' premises where your organisation may work, as more expensive properties will generally require higher indemnity levels.
  • The number of people located in the vicinity of your work, as well as those who face the risk of harm on your organisation's premises such as customers or members of the public. For instance, a business that sees a large amount of customers on their property should consider higher indemnity levels.
  • The requirements made by a contract your organisation agreed to with a client or business partner, as well as any laws regulations.
  • The nature and proximity of the area surrounding your organisation's property.
  • Whether or not the nature of your organisation's activities or services have the potential to cause harm.
  • Whether or not your business has nany risk managment programmes in place to protect againts potential public liabilities.
    Products liability considerations
  • Whoever supplies the materials, transports or manufactures your products, may have a history of liablity concerns or may lack proper risk managment.
  • Whether your business has a proper risk managment and safety procedure in place to deal with hazards.
  • Whether or not your policy is sufficient to cover a worst-case scenario compensation, should your product cause harm or damage to a person or property.

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