Don’t Get Pulled Over
This Festive Season

With festive season approaching soon, now is the time to start planning exciting road trips overseas to celebrate with family and friends. Nevertheless, driving cross-country can be risky, especially if you and your passengers fail to prepare for the possibility of different driving laws and regulations across borders. Gettin pulled over, suffering a motor accident or receiving costly fines can all put a damper on your festive celebrations. Use these helpful tips to drive safely abroad:

  • Remember important documents - When crossing the border of any country, it's crucial to have a proper identification documents on hand. Before your road trip even begins, be sure to double-check that all passengers have their passports. Additionally, make sure you have a valid driving licence and updated number plates.

  • Have the required materials abroad - Apart from important documents, many countries require drivers to have a variety of materials in their car during travel, such as a first-aid-kit, fire extinguisher, warning triangle, reflective jacket, headlamp beam reflectors or spare bulbs. And don't forget your wallet, either - you will need cash or a payment car readily available to pay for tolls.

  • Study the law - Be prepared for different laws and regulations when travelling on foreign roads. If you are unfamiliar with a country's driving policies, review them before getting behind the wheel. No matter how obscure they may be, following the law will ensure a safe journey avoiding hefty fines.

  • Avoid map distractions - Don't wait until you are in the car to look at your travel, have it readily available or designate a passenger to direction duties.

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