Gap Cover

In the event of your car being stolen and not recovered or in an accident, GAP Insurance provides valuable benefits for the majority or customers who purchase a new or used vehicle. If a Total Loss of the insured Vehicle occurs within the territorial limits during the period of Insurance, We will pay the difference between the Insured Value (The amount that you receive under your Motor Insurance Policy in respect to your vehicle being a Total Loss) and either the purchase price of the insured vehicle as confirmed by the net invoice selling price or the amount of your early settlement finance figure, whichever is greater.

Benefits for the customer

  • Product is annually renewable, eradicating the need to pay a lump sum up front for 3 year policy.

  • Allows for substitution of vehicle, a policy covers you as long as you retain a vehicle.

  • No need to buy GAP Insurance from a dealer ever again.

  • You are covered no matter how and when the vehicle is purchased.

  • You don’t have to cancel the policy when changing vehicle.

  • Covers your £250 excess in the event of a fault claim.

  • Price

    Vehicle Value

  • Up to £15000 - £82
  • £15001 - £30000 - £103
  • £30001 - £60000 - £127
  • £60001 - £100000 - £145

  • Eligibility

  • The vehicle is less than 10 years old at inception.

  • The vehicle is covered by a comprehensive motor insurance policy.

  • The vehicle is a private car used for your own purposes.

  • The vehicle is not insured under a motor trade policy.

  • The vehicle has not already been classified as category A, B, C, D or F total loss.

  • You are the owner or registered keeper of the vehicle, it’s leased to you/your company, it’s named on the lease agreement.

  • The vehicle is not used as a taxi, chauffeur, courier, emergency vehicle, driving school or racing/rallying/speed testing or any competitive event.

  • The vehicle has NOT been changed in any way from the vehicle manufacturer’s standard specification. Examples are: Changes to the bodywork, such as spoilers or body kits, changes to suspension or brakes, changes affecting performance such as engine management.

  • The vehicle is registered in the UK.

  • The vehicle does not already have a GAP insurance policy in place.

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