Help your Clients
keep it cool this Summer

It has been a sweltering start to the summer, with the UK riding record-breaking heatwave from June into July. It was the warmest June on record for Northern Ireland and Wales, as well as the fourth warmest for Scotland and England.

While higher temperatuers have been celebrated, others are not so welcoming-hay fever sufferers are on high alert, outdoor workers are threatened by the higher UV levels and productivity drags as employees wonder how hot it has to be to not go to work.

    We've got a few tips to helping you and your workforce:

  • Heat Stress Prevention Programme and Training Materials to help establish heaat stress procedures, satisfy regulatory requirements and educate your client's employees

  • Heat guidance for Employers and Employees to help employees work safely in higher temperatures while helping employers manage the risks associated with higher temperatures.

  • Wellness advice for Employees to help them stay healthy and productive during higher temperatures.

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