Insuring Students’ Possessions
at University

Insuring Students’ Possessions at University

The average student brings £2,300 worth of electronic devices—laptops, smartphones, handheld devices, etc— with him or her to university, according to the Chartered Insurance Institute. Whether your child is in the classroom, his or her dorm or out on holiday, there is always the potential for theft and damage to personal property.

After purchasing textbooks, electronics and other items that students will take with them to university, be sure to make one more purchase that shows you truly care— contents insurance.

Potential Dangers at University
According to industry experts, the following crimes happen to university students each year at alarming rates:

  • Theft: Almost 10 per cent of university students fall victim to theft—with smartphones being the most commonly stolen item.

  • Damaged/Lost items: Roughly 25 per cent of university students lend an item to another student who either damages it or never returns it. An additional 5 per cent of students have an item irreparably damaged at a party.

  • Despite the rampant instances of theft and damage to goods, more than half of students have no insurance for their possessions while at university. And, in a university environment where devices such as laptops are vital for earning top marks, neglecting to insure your student’s possessions could result in you or your child losing thousands of pounds; it could even threaten his or her education.

    Contents Insurance: Smart Cover
    While each contents policy can be adapted to fit your student’s unique needs, the standard policy includes:

  • Theft

  • Loss or damage caused by fire and weather

  • Vandalism

  • Flood

  • Burst pipes

  • However, more expensive items— such as musical instruments, bicycles and some electronic devices—will need to be expressly included in your child’s policy. Additionally, consider purchasing cover for accidental damage which would include possessions lost or damaged by others.

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