Keep car insurance
costs low

Bond Lovis Insurance Brokers wants to help keep your insurance as robust as possible while simultaneously keeping your costs as low as possible. To do so we've compiled these top tips. Whether it be selecting your job description or deciding where to park your vehicle, consider the following guidance to keep you car insurance costs low.

  • Get out of the garage - Although you may feel more secure parking your vehicle in the garage, industry experts say this may not reduceyour costs, seeing as your car faces risk of scratching garage walls. The cheapest option for a parking spot may be in your driveway.

  • Think twice about your job title - For many people, their job can be described in several different ways. As it turns out, insurers tend to assign higher premiums to different titles, based on the complex algorithm method. Typically, it pays to be as specific as possible when when describing your job title instead of being generic.

  • Don't overestimate mileage - Insurers typically use your expected annual mileage when calculating your premium. And while you may think you are completely accurate, industry experts say it is common for people to mistakenly overestimate their annual mileage, leading to higher insurance costs. Ensure the number you provide is correct by finding to finding your mileage on our MOT certificate.

  • Include tying the knot - If you recently changed your relationship status from single to married, be sure to inform your relationship status from single to married, as this will likelylower your costs. However, just because you aren't married doesn't mean you can't save. You may also achieve lower premiums by telling your insurer if you are cohabiting with your partner.

  • Consider the commute - Another aspect of your car insurance cost is how long your commute to work is. Make sure you provide your insurer with an accurate distance. Finally, tell your insurer if you don't commute whatsoever this may significantly lower costs.

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