Legal Cover

Prestige Family Legal Protection is a specially designed Legal Expenses Insurance policy tailored to assist you and members of your household in the defence of your legal rights and provide invaluable guidance throughout.

The Prestige Family Legal Protection Insurance policy provides:

  • Up to £50,000 cover for legal costs per claim.

  • Access to our claims line for fast and friendly advice.

  • Access to in-house expertise to help in assessing and resolving disputes.

  • Professional advice from experienced solicitors, barristers, employee relations practitioners and tax experts.

  • Free access to a legal services website providing advice, access to a document builder and discounted legal services.

  • We also provide legal costs and expenses for:

  • Pursuing your rights under your contract of employment, including unfair dismissal.

  • Personal accidents including personal injury, loss of income, damage to personal effects and fatal accidents.

  • Pursuing a claim in relation to purchasing personal goods or services.

  • Protecting your legal and property rights against nuisance, trespass, faulty contractual work, a contract for sale or purchase of the property and disputes with your neighbour.

  • Representing your legal rights arising from an in-depth investigation relating to your paid employment by HM Revenue & Customs.

  • Providing loss of salary in respect of any absence from work when attending a court, tribunal or arbitration hearing as a witness or a defendant in relation to a claim.

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