Mobile Phone use
while driving

    General Procedures
  • Use of mobile phones while driving is strictly prohibited - this includes all functions of the mobile.
  • Use of electronic devices, including laptops, cameras, etc. are also prohibited
  • Voice-mail must handle all calls while driving.
  • Receiving calls from employees / customers that are driving must be advised to call back when it is safe.
    Hands free
  • Device is pre-approved before use.
  • Use of device does not cause distraction
  • Any dialling or use of the handset must be used when car is pulled to the side of the road.
  • Road conditions are generally good and do not threaten your safety

Emergency Calls

The only exception to the mobile phone use policy is calls placed to 999, but only if it is kept short, a hands-free option is available, or the driver is pulled to the side of the road.

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