Preparing Your Garden
for Summer

Anyone from beginners to green fingers can use these garden preparation tips:

  1. Determine what plants you would like in your garden. Flowers like lilies, gladiolus and ranunculus will bloom in the summer if planted in early spring.
  2. Clean plant beds before planting. Remove leaves and debris and prime the soil for planting. Use this time to also inspect last year’s plants for garden pests feeding on plant roots. Don’t forget to clean your gardening tools too!
  3. Be careful with how much you water your plants. Check water levels by sticking your finger in the soil—if you can feel moisture, don’t water the plant.
  4. Rake your lawn. This action helps with oxygenation and removes thatch—the layer of dead grass beneath growing grass.
  5. Prune your trees. Use a lopper to remove dead branches, followed by mulching and feeding to promote spring growth.
  6. Look to online forums, Royal Horticultural Society guides and gardening books. These resources will be the best places to find tried tricks of the gardening trade.
  7. Record your progress, and remember that gardening takes time. Your garden doesn’t have to be perfect instantly. Consider taking pictures throughout the season to record the growth of your plants, and use this knowledge to come back stronger next year.

Safety First

Reassess the value and security of your gardening supplies—about £4 billion of garden furniture, plants and supplies are stolen from gardens and other outdoor spaces each year in Britain. If you have a garden shed, properly secure the structure with strong, working locks.

Remember to add each new item kept in your shed to the sum insured amount under your contents insurance. It’s your responsibility to report new valuables to your broker before filing a replacement claim. Contact us today to determine the most comprehensive contents insurance policy for your gardening needs.

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