Prepping Your Home
for Winter

Adverse weather conditions can wreak havoc on homes. High winds can loosen roof tiles, colder temperatures can freeze water pipes and heavy rainfall can result in flood damage.

There are two basic aspects to getting your home ready for winter. First is to check guttering and roof tiles to make sure everything is secure. Second is to ensure that you have adequate buildings and contents insurance and to understand what is covered.

Autumn is a good time to reconsider the levels of cover needed to avoid any surprise damage repair bills during the winter months. Follow these simple tips to prepare your home for winter:

1) Ensure that insulation is in place on boilers, water pipes, tanks and in lofts.

2) Isolate any outside taps, and turn them off at their stop taps. This will prevent freezing and subsequent bursting.

3) Clear gutters and grids so that excess water has an escape route from your property.

4) Ensure that any trees close to your property are not in danger of being blown over and causing damage.

5) Ensure that outbuildings, such as sheds and greenhouses, are in good repair and able to withstand stormy conditions.

6) Stock up on candles and batteries for torches in case of power failure.

7) Know where your stop tap is so you can turn it off if a pipe bursts.

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