Subsidence Insurance

Do you live in an area that is affected or was previously affected by subsidence or heave?

Living in one of these areas will raise your insurance premium. At Bond Lovis we are specialists in this type of cover, and will help you find the best cover at the best price for you.

How Is Subsidence Caused?

There are several ways that subsidence usually occurs, most of which are beyond your control:

  • In areas with soil that has a high sand or gravel content.
  • Where trees and bushes have grown under the foundations of your home.
  • In areas with a high concentration of clay soils prolonged periods of dry spells cause the water table to drop and movement occurs.
  • In areas where there has been previous mining activity.

What Are The Signs Of Subsidence?

There are several signs that may be indicative of subsidence. Look out for new cracks more than 3mm wide in the brickwork, or the widening of previous cracks. Inside the house, keep an eye out for cracks in the plaster work, and any rippling effects in wallpaper that isn’t caused by damp.

What is Heave?

Heave is the expansion of ground foundation soils causing upward pressure on a property. The main cause of heave is through the removal of trees and vegetation within the vicinity of a property. In rare cases, it is also caused by chemical reactions in the soil which leads to expanding crystallization of minerals.

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