The 5 Most Expensive Wines
And How to Keep It

The 5 Most Expensive Wines and How to keep it

A true wine enthusiast understands the rewards of owning an expansive collection. The pride that goes in to nurturing a bottle, anticipating its peak age and then enjoying its flavour can be gratifying.

To protect your collection, you may consider purchasing our high net worth insurance, to properly insure your home and assets within it, this will include your property, expensive art, jewellery and of course your wine. It is wise to insure your high net worth home, but a wide collection of wine adds another incentive. Especially as, it's not just a few bottles! Your carefully selected Wine collection is your pride and joy. It’s stored and cared for in a way that only wine can be. We can advise you on keeping your wine collection correctly valued and up to date on your Insurance policy.

    The Five most expensive wines ever sold are:

  1. Jeroboam of Château Mouton-Rothschild, 1945 - £232,339 (£6,482 Per Glass)
  2. Château Margaux, 1787 - £168,977 (£28,163 Per Glass)
  3. Chateau Lafite, 1787 - £117,496 (£23,000 Per Glass)
  4. Inglenook Cabernet sauvignon Napa Valley, 1941 - £18,531 (£3,089 Per Glass)
  5. Krug, 1928 - £15,921

This is a study from 2010 under the same name, and even though your wine collection may not meet the same figures, it may still need proper protection and looking after.

Storage Recommendations

If you have a large collection in your home, consider the following recommendations to reduce damage to your wine:

  • Do not store chemicals, paint or odour-producing materials near your collection. These items can penetrate through the cork and spoil the wine.

  • Do not store wine wine near heaters or sunlight, or in areas that are susceptibleto flooding, such as beneath a lavatory or laundry room. Also avoid placing wine in areas of the home that are beneath or next to a home theater which causes excess vibrations.

  • Store wine at 13 degrees celcius. The humidity in a wine storage should also be 65 to 75 per cent. Anything above or below that amount can damage the label or cork.

  • Install an alarm that warns against theft, temperature changes and moisture. When selecting an alarm, purchase one that sends a message directly to your mobile device

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