Transporting Jewellery
and Fine Arts

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You have spent a great deal of time and money growing your collection of jewellery and fine art. Therefore, if you then move house or want to ship any of your pieces, you need to make sure you take the right precautions to protect each and every one of your valuables, during each step of transport.

Packing Securely

If pieces from collection are not packaged correctly they run the risk of being damaged in transport. Therefore, if you choose to prepare your pieces for transport yourself, we recommend you consult an art dealer or jeweller on the right protection before sending them anywhere:

  • Wrap all smaller pieces in paper before placing in a well padded box, and then in a bigger box with bigger items, to avoid the threat of being lost in transit.
  • Label wrapped items to identify what they are and avoid unnecessary confusion and possible loss, damage in further transit if not identified properly
  • For bigger items secure correctly and do not take chances with space, send a bigger item in its own box in order to avoid damage of being sandwiched with other pieces
  • No matter how well protected a piece is, in the event of a loss or damage it cannot be replaced, taking out HNW insurance that covers fine art and jewellery. As this is the only guaranteed way of protecting the value of your pieces.

    Even if you don't need to transport anything for the time being, it can be beneficial to have cover in place for your jewellery and fine art, in the event of theft or accidental damage

    For more information on how insurance can protect you and your assets, contact Bond Lovis Insurance Brokers today.

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