Understanding GDPR

The GDPR is almost here, and boy is it scary—the fines are huge, the rules are complicated and finalised government guidance has been slow to materialise.

When it comes to large-scale legislative changes that have so many moving parts like the GDPR, just picking a logical starting place to begin learning your new responsibilities can feel dizzying. How are you supposed to help your clients (and yourself) understand the GDPR when it feels so overwhelming and you don’t even know where to begin?

Simple: rely on our GDPR infographics.

We recently uploaded four new GDPR infographics that easily and succinctly summarise the GDPR’s main changes and the basic steps the average employer can take to start preparing, no matter what step in the process they’re at. And if you or your clients and prospects feel behind the curve, don’t worry—one third of small businesses still have not yet started preparing for the GDPR, according to the Federation of Small Businesses.

    If you think you’re the only GDPR procrastinator out there, you’re not alone. Share these four new infographics with your clients and prospects to help them prepare and understand their new responsibilities:

  1. Infographic: Key Facts About the GDPR—Use this infographic to communicate basic yet vital information about the GDPR, such as the penalties for non-compliance and what kind of data falls under the GDPR’s scope.
  2. Infographic: 12 Steps to Take to Prepare for the GDPR—A perfect companion to the Key Facts Infographic, share this infographic with your clients and prospects to show them the 12 basic steps they can focus on right now to ensure they’re ready.
  3. Infographic: GDPR Compliance Timeline—If your clients and prospects are behind on GDPR compliance, send them this compliance timeline infographic, which gives them a high-level overview of what they should have accomplished by now and what they should prioritise next—no matter what stage they’re at.
  4. Infographic: International Data Transfers Under the GDPR—The most complex of our GDPR infographics, share this with your clients and prospects that are up to date on their GDPR compliance. This infographic summarises the rules for sending data outside of the EU and helps the reader decide whether it is appropriate to undertake international data transfers.

The GDPR is monumental, high-stakes and confusing. But GDPR compliance doesn’t have to be. Simplify the process with our new GDPR infographics and our existing GDPR guidance—simply search ‘GDPR’ in Broker Briefcase to find a wealth of checklists and other content that helps make GDPR compliance approachable, understandable and ultimately easy.

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