What to do in
the event of a flood

Here are a few basic suggestions to help you in the event of your property being affected by flooding.

Due to the potential force of flood water before entering the property check for any visible signs that the structure has been damaged and if so have a qualified person check the property is safe. Likewise be sure to make sure stairs, floors and roofs or any overhangs are safe.

Once you are satisfied that all is safe it is advisable to ensure that the electricity in the property is switched off at the main fuse box before entering and that all potential electrical hazards are controlled. Be careful of the potential of electric shock and also if there is water in the property be wary of any sharp objects that may be hidden beneath the surface. Do not turn the electricity back on until you are completely sure that it is safe to do so.

Check that ceilings are not sagging as it is possible that the plaster has soaked up the water and may collapse.

If the flood water has cleared you may be able to save items by raising them from the floor or moving them to unaffected areas if this is possible.

Remember that flood water isn’t clean and is likely to be contaminated or contain sewerage. For the reasons above try to avoid ingesting any water even from taps as it is possible the contamination could have got into the system.

It is advisable to document the damage and take as many pictures as possible so that you can provide full tangible evidence of the damage to your insurers if required. It will also help you to make sure you don’t forget anything at a time that you are likely to be very stressed and not thinking straight.

Check with your insurers before you remove or destroy anything. It might be that they want to inspect the damage before confirming they will indemnify you. Insurers will most likely be fine with you moving items to a dry place if it means the overall cost of the loss will be reduced but it is always advisable to ask them first.

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