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What is Flood Re?

Whatever the reason why it is unoccupied it is necessary to insure the property in the event that something could go wrong, such as a flooding or theft.

What is Flood Re?

Here are a few basic suggestions to help you in the event of your property being affected by flooding.

What is Flood Re?

It’s fairly alarming news coming from the Supreme Courts last April.

What is Flood Re?

With the cost of precious metals and stones constantly changing it is vital that you ensure that you are adequately insured.

Best selling cars of the 80s

We take a look back at the best selling cars in the 80s.

Stay safe while cycling

The Highway Code recommends that all cyclists wear a helmet.

How to prevent vehicle theft

About 225 vehicles are stolen every day in the United Kingdom.

Avoid These 7 Common Travel Scams

As you think about planning your next holiday

The Dangers of Autopilot

1 in 7 drivers often experience episodes where they are unable to recall the last several minutes during a drive.

Smart TVs May Be Listening to Your Every Word

If you own a ‘smart’ TV, you may want to be careful about what you discuss in its presence.

New App Locks Your Phone While You Are Driving

Distraction Prevention is a new app that locks your mobile while you are driving.

The Superfoods to Eat When Travelling

To avoid spoiling your holiday, eat snacks or meals that contain superfoods.

Hackers Can Hijack Your Mobile

A knowledgeable cyber criminal may be able to remotely take over a mobile phone.

Watch Out for a New Wi-Fi Scam

Unsuspecting travellers have been the target of a new cyber scam, which hackers use to steal travellers’ personal information.

That Spare Room Could Help You Earn £7,500 Tax-free

You may be eligible to participate in the Rent-a-Room scheme.

Being Honest Can Save You Money

Nearly 1 out of 3 Britons enter incorrect details into motor insurance price comparison websites.

Keep Your Home Safe While on Holiday

Whether you will be away for only a few days or for several weeks

Stolen Bicycles Are Top Household Theft Claim

More than an estimated 376,000 bicycles are stolen each year in Britain

How Could Brexit Affect Your Finances?

On 23rd June, Britain chose to leave the EU in a historic vote.

>Declare Pre-existing Medical Conditions or Risk Invalidating Travel Cover

More than 1 in 10 Britons with pre-existing medical conditions fail to declare their conditions

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